MYLÓ Restaurant & Café

MYLO was created by love for good Greek food and the desire for the discovery of new gastronomical roads. MYLO maintains the philosophy that started 17 years ago from “Mylopetra”, the well-known spot at the historical centre of Kalamata, but also winks to a more modern Greek gastronomical approach, richer and more contemporary.

The place at the neoclassical building of the iconic hotel REX of Kalamata was for us a challenge and a motive for this new experience.

Equally important was to manage the harmonic co-existence of a restaurant, an open kitchen- area of tasting, an open bar-café and a small botanical garden and their integration into a historical building.

Favourite Dishes

The tasteful suggestions of the talented Chef Yanni Stanitsa make their way, through the hands of the Chef Dimitri Papouli, to your plate, and bring MYLO at the top of the gastronomical spotlight of the town. Emphasizing the meat, without leaving behind more, highly interesting tasteful approaches, MYLΟ expresses with an accurate way a new, more modern approach of taste, that also respects and honors tradition.